Show Gardens

Akamba RHS Gold Garden & BBC Gardens Live

At the BBC gardeners world live show, together with Birmingham City Council we built the Akamba Migration Garden. After visiting and working in Kenya for over twenty years we noticed that year after year the annual Wildebeest migration to the Nairobi National Park was becoming smaller and smaller until around 1999 when it pratically stopped coming altogether. After doing much local research we realised that a township called Kitengela was growing so fast it was preventing the migrating Wildebeest from reaching the plains beyond. In our garden we hoped to highlight this problem by using lifesized metal sculptures of the animals, sculpted by the world famous Kenyan artist Kioko Mwitiki. Aswell as the Sculptures the garden was packed with plants both native and naturalised in the Nairobi area, a small hut to represent Kitengela and various crop plants such as Tomatoes, Bananas and Pineapples.

We were awarded with an RHS Gold Medal.

Akamba Down Under Gardener's World

This garden built in conjunction with Birmingham City Council depicts the flora, both natural and introduced of Kangaroo island off the coast of Australia. The garden is packed full of Palms, Proteas, Anigozanthus and tough seaside Grasses. The garden begins in tropical rainforest leading down to a fine white sandy beach. The RHS awarded us with a Silver Gilt medal!