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Akamba Easy Exotics

Make the Most out of your Garden this Summer!

About Our Plants

Bamboo & Grasses

Bamboo play a vital role in the exotic garden. They create evergreen screening which provides, privacy, shelter and natural wind breaks.

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Hardy Palms & Cycads

Cycads, are fast becoming the new kids  on the block with British gardeners looking for something a little more challenging than the usual exotics. 

Cycad hardiness has been greatly under estimated in the past and many such as Macrozamia moorei and communis can easily take lows of minus five degrees  celsius.

Most require a sunny position preferably against a south facing wall or  fence which can be kept dry in winter.

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Desert Dwellers

Add a touch of color to a sunny border. Phormiums add year round interest with various colourful leaves and flower spikes in summer which reach 2 metres in height, also drought tolorant so can be kept in pots on the patio.

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Tree Ferns & Hardy Ferns

Every garden needs ground ferns, British native ferns can look exotic when planted under a palm or in an exotic border. There are hundreds to choose from with many different leaf shapes and colours. Most thrive in shade but many will grow in full sun, given enough water.

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Trees & Shrubs

Shrubs might sound very mundane, but there are many  exciting trees and shrubs for the exotic garden.

Most produce colourful blooms and heady scents which  add seasonal interest to the garden.

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